Hour of Code

Early this morning and before I even came into the office today, I got to participate in an activity called the Hour of Code at Well Academy High School here in Chicago. The hour of code is an event held across the nation where students of all ages participate in programming activities instead of their regular classes for one hour. It was a great experience to assist these teenagers take their first steps into programming.

The format of the activity was to spend an hour working through programming problems using visual code blocks, instead of written code, to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. One of the first experiences I had with programming, was using a program called ALICE that worked in the same way as the code.org challenges, and I was excited to help people take their first steps in computer programming.

While the event as a whole was incredible, a moment that stands out to me was when I helped a girl learn about looping. As I was walking around the room, I noticed that she had many repeated commands stacked on top of each other, so I sat down next to her and helped guide her to use a loop instead of the repeated commands. This was a really great experience to share the power of programming with someone that has had no prior experience with it.

I had an amazing experience at the hour of code this morning, and I look forward to working with the school more as they start their computer science program next year!